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Welcome to the Allesee Dance and Opera Resource Performance Database

This system searches the archives of Michigan Opera Theatre, including photographs before 2005, recordings, videos, and related archival materials.

For commercial items, please use our library catalog searching system.

Searching the database

Many of the items found in the MOT archives are copyrighted by other institutions, and as such they remain under the copyright of their respective owners.  The MOT is committed to honoring the intellectual property of others, but as with any large digitization project, items may be missed.  If you are the owner of copyrighted materials found in the MOT archival search, please contact us and we will remove any requested items.

This system is still under development

The PAST archival search system is still under development, and as such may be subject to errors related to the development process.  All errors are logged, and are viewed regularly by our developers.